Case studies

digital twinning romania

In a reality where many people say nice words, such as digitalization, transparency, and sustainability, we have come up with a solution.

VirtSilv is scaling nationwide!

Using the LiDAR data collected with #geoslam, the artificial intelligence, and the computing power of the VirtSilv platform, we created maps with the main characteristics of the Romanian forests in unprecedented detail!

If you want to see our current estimates, from 2021, about the volume, diameter, height, basal area, and even the average age of an area of interest, consult the platform.

mapping carbon in young plantations

The innovative methodology used to determine the current volume and condition of the forest is based on LIDAR technology. Thus a mobile scanner was used to accurately determine the composition of the stand: position, number, diameter and height of each tree as well as accurate reconstruction of the above-ground volume of all trees.

EIB - Case study

Develop a virtual forest model that allows further quantitative and qualitative assessment of the forest stands and of forest management practices, including elements regarding natural capital, ecosystem services, and biodiversity. 

The virtual forest shall contain